Information about Popnfix


Popnfix is the first jobbing website in Switzerland that encourages you to repair and simplifies your day!

Our vision

  • To facilitate repairs and to rediscover the value of items.
  • To facilitate small DIY jobs and thus simplify your day while you save time.     
  • To allow people to offer their services and expertise freely.     
  • To get people to use underutilised skills.     
  • To allow people to offer a new life to their items.     
  • To revitalise the local economy.

Your marketplace Popnfix

This is the best way to use the web to access repair, DIY, gardening works and minor maintenance of your home! It also gives you the opportunity to offer or to search for a helping hand close to your home.

Your marketplace gives you the ability to empty your cupboards and thus offer a new life to your items by selling them or giving them to somebody who needs them. 

 And what does “jobbing” means? Jobbing allows you to enjoy the availability and skills that people have, and that are sometimes underutilised, as a service to others and thus supplement their income or to obtain a service for an attractive / competitive price.

The platform offers a location-based service to find the right person, in the right place, at the right time. 

An e-assessment system evaluates the service provider on the quality of the service, the punctuality and the seriousness of users. 

Popnfix is ​​a business provider for some and a source of opportunity for others.


An observation: it is often difficult to find help for small services related to the repair of items and small DIY jobs. 

Result: We buy, we use and we throw away too quickly when often a simple repair would be enough to revive an item. This repair could easily be done from home by people who have the skill and availability to render this type of service.

The Popnfix activity has also extended to small DIY, gardening and personal assistance services to make these activities more accessible. It aims to facilitate the daily life of everyone. 

A third aspect concerns the items themselves: to give the opportunity for people to offer items they no longer use to others in order to avoid and minimize waste .



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